Usually Linda creates her art work from whatever her mind fancies. Sometimes it's remembrances or bits and pieces of actual scenes she's seen when she was out hiking. She puts it out on these pages or at her venues/shows and if you like it and wish to be able to see it, "in the flesh", you buy it. By the way, the pictures in this site really can't do justice to the technique and effort involved in creating one of these art works. Not a drop of paint is ever used. Every tree branch, every bird, etc. is made from colored paper. When you look at any of the collages on this site try clicking once or twice on the image to see in greater detail what is involved.

Perhaps you see a picture you enjoy, but would prefer a different sky, different tree colors, or would like to have a lake added. Perhaps you have a photo from a magazine, or from or on another website, or have a hard or soft picture from your camera, you can talk to Linda about creating a collage art work for you ONLY.